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Infrared Wireless Microphone System is Suitable for Boardrooms, Classrooms Computer Training Rooms and Hotel Ballrooms

With the infrared Ray Wireless microphone, teachers or trainers can talk freely in the room during teaching and ensure interference free by IR reception technology

⊙ It accepts 2 different line level inputs and one wire microphone input, it can  also control 2 infrared wireless microphone at the same time.

Each device can have its volume adjusted by independent controls to get the best audio effects for each room layout.

⊙ It provides up to 30W stereo audio sound output, customize each room with two or four ceiling or surface mounted speaker.

⊙ It can accept  up to three IR sensors for triple up reception coverage for larger room.

⊙ Convenient wall mount metal casing design, durable and flexible for placing.

⊙ UL Listed.


IR Carrier Freq.: WA-200 ( Amp. Only, without IR reception module)

WA-200 (2.06 MHz, single channel only)

WA-200 (2.06MHz & 2.56MHz, Dual channels)

Deviation Range: ±40KHz

S/N: LINE: >70dB

PC: >70dB (Unbalanced Line Stereo)

Wired Mic.: >100dB

Wireless Mic: >100dB

THD:<0.5% (at 1KHz)

Frequency Response: 60 Hz-14KHz +3dB

Output Power: 2-30W (Max)

Operating Voltage: AC 220V AC/60Hz

Input Impedance: Line 47KΩ

PC: 47 KΩ (Unbalanced Stereo Mono)

Wired Mic.: 2 KΩ

Wireless Mic.: 2 KΩ

Power Consumption (Max): 70W

Dimensions: W372.2 * D204.2 * H65.5mm

Weight: 2.15kg

Color: White


Carrier Frequency:2.06MHz and 2.56MHz

Off Axis Performance: 180°

Cable length: 16m.

Range: 20 m

Quantity of IR Beam: 12 pcs


Polar Pattern: Unidirectional Electret Condenser Mic.

Transmitting Freq.: 2.0 MHz & 2.56MHz (Selectable)

Battery: 3.7V 800MAh Lithium Rechrgeable Battery * 1 pc

(battery can last 4 hours after fully charged)

Dimensions(H*W*D): 120*34*18mm

Weight(with battery):57g

Charging Duration: 3 -4 hours

AG-58H Handheld transmitter

Ploar pattern: Unidirectional dynamic.

Transmission Freq.:2.06MHz/2.56MHz

Battery: AA * 2 pcs

Dimension: Head 50MM   L:240MM

Weight: 200g

Charging methos: Connect with transmitter`s tail to charging