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Ture Diversity UHF Wireless Microphone

US-133 is suitable for professional stage use with its advanced technology: UHF、true diversity receiving, double CPU controlling, LCD display, PLL technology, noise detection ,with 200 frequencies for selection, IR synchronization and the modular microphone capsule design.


Technical Specifications:

   Frequency range:740MHz---790MHz

   Modulation mode:FM

   Oscillation mode:PLL

   Drift rate:48KHz(with companding and auto volume control circuit)

   Band width:250KHz


   Distortion:< 0.3% (1KHz )

   Frequency response:40Hz~18KHz±3dB


   US-133 receiver:

   Receiving mode:auto signal-selecting receiving

   Oscillation mode:PLL


   Harmonic interference rate : >80dB

   Image interference rate : >70dB


  US-131H handheld transmitter:

   Transmitting power:30mW

   Max input sound pressure:130dB

   Microphone capsule :Condenser, dynamic (selectable)



 US-131T Body-pack transmitter:

   Transmitting power:30mW

   Oscillation mode:PLL

Microphone capsule :Condenser

Polar pattern :Omni directional, cardioid, super-cardioid(selectable)

Microphone type:Clip type, headset type (selectable)